Functions of our Amivac website

This section aims at defining the conditions for referencing and ranking the advertisements on the website (“the Amivac Website”), in accordance with Decree no. 2017-1434 of 29th September 2017 setting forth the “information obligations” applicable to platform operators offering, on a professional level, an online communication service to the general public based on ranking or referencing, through computerized algorithms, of content, goods or services offered or put online by third parties”.

  1. Referencing of the advertisers

    • The publication of adverts on the Amivac Website is reserved for private advertisers, acting exclusively for personal and private purposes.

    • In order to publish an advert on the Amivac Website, the owner must take out a subscription, of which the price depends on the period and type of subscription chosen by the owner from the subscription offers described on the Amivac Website.

    • Failure for the advertiser to respect his/her contractual commitments and/or the regulations in force and/or rules for publishing adverts, Amivac reserves the right, without prior notice, to refuse or block the publication of adverts and/or terminate the advertiser’s Amivac agreement.

  2. Ranking of the adverts

    • The default sort of the adverts (entitled “Standard Sort” on the Amivac Website’s results page) is the order of display of the adverts that applies automatically when the internet user has not personalized his/her sort criteria or specified preferences.

    • For a search on a department or a city, the adverts with the paid option “First page” will be displayed on the first page of this search results page.

    • For a search on a region or a country: the adverts with the paid option “First page” will be displayed on the first page of this search results page.

    • Then, the adverts are ranked according to their completeness. Thus, the more the information contained in the Advert is complete (number and quality of photographs, description of properties, prices, updating of calendar of vacancies, etc.), the higher it will appear in the Website’s list of results.